Human PYY (Total) RIA Kit

Peptide YY (PYY), a 36 amino-acid amidated peptide is a component of the PP family including pancreatic polypeptide (PP), neuropeptide Y (NPY), and PYY.  The sequence of PYY is highly conserved among species with only two amino acid difference between rodents and human.  PYY is produced by intestine and released into circulation upon nutrient ingestion.  In circulation, PYY exists in two molecular forms:  PYY 1-36 and PYY 3-36 (an N-terminally truncated form of PYY 1-36 by the enzyme, DPPIV).  Most recent studies have shown that PYY 3-36 significantly decreases appetite and reduces food intake in normal and obese subjects.  Thus, PYY 3-36 system might provide a novel therapeutic target for teh treatment of obesity.

Linco's (PYY) Radioimmunoassay (RIA) Kit utilizes an antibody, which recognizes both the 1-36 and 3-36 forms of Human PYY. Sensitivity of 10 pg/ml can easily be achieved when using a 100µl serum or plasma sample in a two-day, disequilibrium assay (400 µl Total Volume)

ASSAY CONDITIONS: Two day disequilibrium assay, incubation at 4ºC. Sample volume: £ 100 µl serum, plasma, or tissue culture sample.



PYY 1-36 human 100%
PYY 3-36 human 100%
[Pro34] PYY 100%
[Leu31, Pro34] PYY 100%
Rat/Porcine PYY 1-36 <0.1%
Rat/Porcine PYY 3-36 <0.1%
HPPP <0.1%
NPY <0.1%
Human Leptin *
Glucagon *
Human Ghrelin *
Human Insulin *
GLP-1 *
*  Not detectable 


ED80 = 37.2 ± 8 ng/ml
ED50 = 110.9 ± 20 ng/ml
ED20 = 333.8 ± 73 ng/ml