Human C-Peptide ELISA Kit

This kit is for non-radioactive quantification of Human C-Peptide (HCP) in plasma and other biological media. One kit is sufficient to measure 38 unknown samples in duplicate.

All components necessary to complete a 96-well plate ELISA (standards, enzyme labeled antibody, quality controls, wash buffer, assay buffer, substrate and stop solutions) are included.

2.5 hour total incubation at room temperature, while shaking on a microtiter plate shaker, using 20 µl sample size.


Human C-Peptide 100%
Intact Human Proinsulin 63%
Human Insulin *
Porcine C-Peptide *
Rat C-Peptide *
Canine C-Peptide *
* Not Detectable at concentrations up to 200 ng/mL


The lowest level of HCP that can be detected by this assay is 0.2 ng/ml.