Mouse RELM-b RIA Kit

 All components are included in each kit (standards, antibody, tracer, quality controls, precipitating reagent and buffers) to complete a RIA.

The Resistin molecule, expressed in adipose tissue, has been implicated in insulin resistance of obesity and diabetes and as a possible link between obesity and diabetes(1-4). In addition to mouse resistin, two other resistin-like molecules, RELM-α and RELM-β, with 29 and 37 percent sequence homology at the protein level, are expressed in white adipose tissue and the gut, respectively5. The secretory form of a consensus of RELMs is 85-94 amino acid residues with a variable N-terminal sequence of about 35 amino acid residues and a highly conserved C-terminal domain with 10 cysteines of an unique spacing motif (3-5).

LINCO’s Mouse RELM-β is the first available assay to specifically measure RELM-β levels in mouse serum/plasma or tissue culture media. Measurement of mouse RELM-β levels in circulation under different patho-physiological, nutritional and genetic manipulations should result in a better understanding of the etiology of type 2 diabetes, obesity and inflammatory diseases.

 Two day assay at 4ºC
                                           Sample volume: 10 µL
                                           Plasma, serum or tissue culture medium

STANDARD CURVE RANGE:  19.5- 5000 pg/mL


LABEL:  125I-Mouse RELM-b

Mouse RELM-β 100%
Human RELM-β *
Mouse Resistin *
Mouse RELM-a *
Mouse Leptin *
Mouse Adiponectin *
Insulin *
Proinsulin *
*  Not detectable 

ACCURACY:  102 - 118%

Intra-assay 6.4 - 8.2%
Inter-assay 5.9 - 8.5%