One Plex TNF-a

This is an individual single plex assay kit manufactured by LINCO Research to be used for the quantitative determination of the human or mouse cytokine TNF-α. This kit may be used for the analysis of TNF-α in serum, plasma, or tissue culture samples.

All components are included in each kit (capture antibody immobilized on microspheres, bead diluent detection antibody, standards, quality controls, streptavidin-PE,wash buffer, assay buffer, 96-well microtiter filter plate, serum diluent) in sufficient quantity for assaying 39 duplicate samples.

ASSAY CONDITIONS:   25 μL sample volume
                                           2 hour assay

STANDARD CURVE RANGE: 3.2 - 10,000 pg/ml


CROSS REACTIVITY:  The cytokine antibody pairs in this single plex do not
cross react to the other analytes in the LINCOplex cytokine panel.


PRECISION:  Intra-assay  6.1%
                         Inter-assay  9.4%                




This kit is for research only and not for use as a clinical or diagnostic tool.