Ghrelin (Active) RIA Kit

Ghrelin, a recently discovered hormone secreted primarily by the stomach, stimulates the release of Growth Hormone and has been implicated in regulating hunger and long-term weight gain/loss.  Ghrelin is an Octanoylted, 29-residue peptide.  The N-octanoyl group at Ser3 appears to be required for biological activity.

LINCO's Ghrelin (Active) assay is the first available assay to SPECIFICALLY measure biologically active Ghrelin.

All components are included in each kit (standards, antibody, tracer, quality controls, precipitating reagent and buffers) to complete a RIA.

ASSAY CONDITIONS: Two-Day, disequilibrium, incubation at 4ºC incubation. Sample volume: £ 100 µl Plasma (collected on ice) recommended.

LABEL:  125I-human ghrelin (~15,000 cpm/tube)


Human Ghrelin 100%
Rat Ghrelin 100%
Canine Ghrelin 100%
Ghrelin 1-10 100%
Des-Octonvlghrelin < 0.1%
Ghrelin 14-28
Motilin Related Peptide
GLP-1 (7-36)

*  Not detectable 


ED80 = 21 ± 5 pg/ml
ED50 = 105 ± 5 pg/ml
ED20 = 585 ± 20 pg/ml