Human Apolipoprotein LINCOplex Kit

This multiplex assay kit manufactured by LINCO Research, Inc. is to be used for the simultaneous quantification of the following six apolipoproteins in any combinations: Apo AI, Apo AII, Apo B, Apo CII, Apo CIII, and Apo E. This kit may be used for the analysis of the above apolipoproteins in serum, plasma, tissue extract, other biological fluids, or tissue culture samples.

All components are included in each kit (capture antibody immobilized on microspheres, bead diluent, detection antibody, standards, quality controls, streptavidin-PE, wash buffer, assay buffer, and 96-well microtiter filter plate).

ASSAY CONDITIONS: 2 hour assay, 10 µl sample volume.


SENSITIVITY (Minimum Detectable Concentrations, MinDC) & ACCURACY

Apolipoproteins MinDC


Apo AI 0.5 92.97
Apo AII 0.5 85.32
Apo B 3.0 95.26
Apo CII 0.25 91.04
Apo CIII 0.10 99.77
Apo E 0.10 92.21

To test cross-reactivity among the assays in the panel, individual apolipoprotein standard was prepared at a concentration 4 times greater than the highest concentration in the calibration curve and tested in the 6-plex assays with multiplexed beads with immobilized capture antibodies and individual detection antibodies.  There was no or negligible cross-reactivity within the panel.



This kit is for research only and not for use as a clinical or diagnostic tool.