Mouse Adiponectin RIA Kit

Adiponectin is a new member of the ever increasing family of adipocytokines. This protein is also known as ACRP-30 (adipocyte compliment related protein-30), Adipo-Q, APM-1 (adipose tissue most abundant gene transcript-1). It is a predominant secretory protein from adipose tissue and circulates in micro-gram per ml quantities.  Adiponectin has a structural homology with the type VIII collagen and hibernation specific protein, C1q.

In contrast to the majority of secreted proteins from adipose tissue, which are elevated in obesity, adiponectin appears to be either decreased or unaltered with degree of adiposity. More intriguingly, adiponectin seems to ameliorate the obesity related risk factors unlike other adipose tissue secretory proteins which contribute toward the health risks associated with obesity. Adiponectin also has an insulin sensitizing effect making it an excellent candidate in drug development for obesity and diabetes. Circulating adiponectin levels appear to be an excellent biochemical marker for improved insulin sensitivity.  The mouse adiponectin kit is suitable to determine adiponectin levels in rat serum.  This kit is for research purposes only.

Overnight, incubation at room temperature. Sample volume £  
µl serum and plasma, or £ 100 µl tissue  culture media.

  125I-Adiponectin (20,000 CPM/tube).


Human Adiponectin 20%
Rat Adiponectin Very High*
* Determined by parallel serial dilution of rat serum to mouse standards.

ED80 =  1.2 ± 0.13 ng/ml
ED50 =  5.2 ± 0.68 ng/ml
ED20 =  22.6 ± 3.83 ng/ml


Serum Sample Concentration 1:500 Dilution Recovery
Standard (ng/ml)  
5 105%
20 114%
50 109%


Serum Sample Concentration
1:1,000 Dilution 
Coefficient of Variation
3 ng/ml 14.8%
25 ng/ml 11.9%