Mouse Resistin ELISA Kit

Mouse Resistin is a new member of an ever increasing family of Adipokines and is also referred to as ADSF (adipocyte specific secretory factor) and FIZZ3 (found in inflammatory zone).  Mouse Resistin is a secretory protein from adipocytes.  Mouse Resistin is a 94 amino acid protein with 11 cystein residues and circulates as a dimmer of 2 identical peptides linked by disulfide bond.  Mouse Resistin is implicated as the missing link between obesity and insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.  Mouse Resistin levels increase with obesity in various mouse models.  Exogenous administration of mouse Resistin impairs glucose tolerance and insulin action.  Measurement of mouse Resistin levels in circulation under different pathophysiological, nutritional and genetic manipulations should result in better understanding of the etiology of type 2 diabetes and obesity.

This kit is used for the non-radioactive quantification of mouse resistin in serum, plasma or tissue culture.  Each kit contains reagents sufficient to run a standard curve, quality controls, and 38 samples in duplicate.

All components are included (standards, quality controls, wash buffer, assay buffer, substrate and stop solutions, caputre antibody immobilizedplate, biotinylated detection antibody, and enzyme linked streptavidin) necessary to complete a 96-weel plate ELISA. This kit is for research purpose only.

Room temperature, 3 hour assay, 10 µl sample size.

0.78 to 50 ng/ml

Showed no significant cross-reactivity to Human or Rat Resistin

Intra-assay  5.0 - 10.3%
Inter-assay  2.9 - 5.4%

90 - 102%

92 - 113%

0.78 ng/ml