Mouse Adipocyte Panel

Adipose tissue is not only a site of energy storage, but also an active endocrine organ that secretes a number of hormones and cytokines including leptin, resistin, adiponectin, IL-6, TNFa, MCP-1, PAI-1 and others.  These adipocyte-derived proteins (adipocytokines/adipokines) play critical roles in body energy homeostasis and metabolism.  This multiplex assay kit manufactured by LINCO Research, Inc. is to be used for the simultaneous quantification of the following 7 mouse adipokines in any combination: Leptin, Resistin, Adiponectin, IL-6, TNFα, MCP-1, and PAI-1 (total). This kit is for research purposes only.

All components are included in each kit (capture antibody immobilized on microspheres, detection antibody cocktail, standards cocktail, quality controls, streptavidin-PE, wash buffer, assay buffer, 96-well microtiter filter plate) in sufficient quantity to run 39 samples in a 96-well microtiter plate.

Overnight assay;
10 µl sample volume.

3.2 - 10,000 pg/ml

Intra-assay 5.9 - 14.5%
Inter-assay 6.4 - 12.3%

Each antibody pair in this panel is highly specific and does not show any significant cross-reactivity to other analytes with this panel.  


In Buffer

Leptin 16.8
Resistin 1.9
Adiponectin 2.6
IL-6 1.94
TNFa 2.8
MCP-1 9.7
PAI-1 10.8

In Buffer

Leptin 109%
Resistin 106%
Adiponectin 104%
IL-6 106%
TNFa 96%
MCP-1 106%
PAI-1 106%

This kit is for research only and not for use as a clinical or diagnostic tool.