Ghrelin (Total) RIA Kit

Ghrelin, a recently discovered hormone secreted primarily by the stomach, stimulates the release of Growth Hormone and has been implicated in regulating hunger and long-term weight gain/loss.  Ghrelin is an Octanoylted, 29-residue peptide.  The N-octanoyl group at Ser3 appears to be required for biological activity.

Our Ghrelin (Total) assay measures both Octanoylated Ghrelin and Des-Octanoylated human and rat Ghrelin.

All components are included in each kit (standards, antibody, tracer, quality controls, precipitating reagent and buffers) to complete a RIA.

ASSAY CONDITIONS: Two-Day disequilibrium assay at 4ºC. Sample volume: £ 100 µl. Plasma (collected on ice) recommended

LABEL:  125I-human ghrelin (~15,000 cpm/tube)


Human Ghrelin 100%
Canine Ghrelin 100%
Rat Ghrelin 100%
Ghrelin 14-28 100%
Des-Octonvlghrelin < 0.1%
Ghrelin 1-10 *
Motilin Related Peptide *
Glucagon *
Glp-1 (7-36) *
Human Leptin *
Human Insulin *
*  Not detectable 


 ED80 =  346 ± 37 pg/ml 
 ED50 = 774 ± 40 pg/ml 
 ED20 = 1727 ± 34 pg/ml