For your convenience all key components in this LINCOplex® kit (conjugated beads, detection antibody, standards) are premixed and packaged in individual bottles for easy dispensation.  This kit may be used for tissue culture or serum/plasma samples.  If RANTES is desired for serum samples, a separate singleplex kit is available.  For tissue culture samples that also require RANTES see our premixed 22-plex.

All components are included in each kit (capture antibody immobilized on microspheres, detection antibody, standards, quality controls, streptavidin-PE, wash buffer, assay buffer, 96-well microtiter filter plate, serum diluent) and are sufficient to run 39 samples (serum, plamsa or tissue culture medium) in duplicate in a 96-well microtiter plate.

ASSAY CONDITIONS: 2 hour assay, 25 µl sample volume.

STANDARD CURVE RANGE: 3.2 - 10,000 pg/ml

SENSITIVITY IN TISSUE CULTURE/SERUM/PLASMA: 0.5 - 16 pg/mL; Refer to kit protocol for sensitivities for individual cytokines/chemokines.

CROSS REACTIVITY: The cytokine antibody pairs in this multiplex do not cross react to the other analytes in the panel. 



% Recovery

Human Cytokines:  
IL-1b 108
IL-2 89
IL-4 87
IL-5 93
IL-6 98
IL-7 107
IL-8 95
IL-10 113
IL-12(p70) 94
IL-13 83
IL-15 115
IL-17 98
IL-1a 79
IFN-g 85
G-CSF 104
GM-CSF 116
TNF-a 98
Eotaxin 85
MCP-1 91
MIP-1a 83
IP-10 101



We will be expanding these cytokine panels as we go forward to include additional molecules important to your research needs. We welcome your recommendations for new analytes.  Call for information on custom assay development.

This kit is for research only and not for use as a clinical or diagnostic tool.