4093 · Guinea Pig anti Human Uncoupling Protein

Guinea Pig antisera produced against peptides designed to differentiate between the three uncoupling proteins. Sensitive enough to obtain the signal shown from only 20 µg of extracted tissue.


Package Size: 0.5 ml

Animal Immunized: Guinea Pig

Antigen: UCP3 Specific Peptide Conjugated to Carrier Protein
Reconstitution Add 0.5 ml of double-distilled water. Further dilute as required with buffer of choice.
Dilution For use in immunohistochemical or Western Blot procedures, a dilution of 1:100 is recommended. An antibody dilution test is desirable to optimize performance.
Crossreactivity: Positive for Rat and Mouse.
Storage: Aliquot and freeze at -20°C. Avoid repeated (>5) freeze/thaw cycles.

For research use only.
Not for use in humans or clinical diagnostics.