About LINCO Research, Inc.


Since our beginning in 1978, LINCO Research, Inc. has been devoted to developing assays which meet the needs of scientists working in areas of diabetes and obesity research.  This year is no different.  We have several new products... unique kits and bioanalytical services not commercially available elsewhere.

This year LINCO proudly introduces the LINCOplexTM human cytokine kit for simultaneous multi analyte detection and measurement of 11 cytokines in a single 25 µl sample.  This kit is the first in the LINCOplexTM line of immunoassay products, designed with Luminex technology and to be used with Luminex instrumentation.  Our Analytical Services Division is also available to perform these assays for you if you don't yet have a Luminex 100.  Call us for introductory offers on this exciting new technology:  636-441-8400.

In the coming months, LINCO will introduce a murine cytokine panel and endocrine panels for diabetes/obesity.  Also, these panels will be expanded as we go forward to provide additional molecules important to your research needs.


New diabetes/obesity products include:  Human Leptin ELISA kit, GLP-1 (Active and Total) RIA kits, Amylin/Total Amylin kits, and Rat/Mouse ELISA kit.  Later this year we will launch Resistin, Ghrelin, and Adiponectin.  These products are available in kit form or, as a service to you, our Bioanalytical Services lab can quickly and efficiently generate the data for you.

As always, LINCO continues to offer the Gold Standard products you have come to depend on.  Our most recognizable product offerings, Human, Primate, Rat and Mouse Leptin RIA Kits continue to be used worldwide.  Other LINCO RIA's include our insulin specific assay that measures "true" insulin and does not cross-react with intact proinsulin or the predominant circulating split form, Des 31.32 proinsulin.  Our Rat Insulin RIA continues to remain the premier assay for measurement of rat and mouse insulins.

For over 20 years, LINCO has been developing and performing immunoassays on human and animal research specimens.  This expertise is offered to our pharmaceutical and academic customers as an additional support of laboratory projects.  Our experienced staff generates data quickly and efficiently while maintaining our Gold Quality Standards.

On a final note, I am very proud and happy to announce that effective September 1, 2001, Rick Ryan, PhD/MBA, became President of LINCO Research, Inc.  Rick has over twenty years of leadership experience in large and small biotechnology companies, including technology/business development and business management.  The addition of his leadership is a key component for LINCO's growth, and our commitment to the development of quality and unique analytical test for rapidly emerging new scientific advances in our core areas of diabetes and obesity research.  

As always, please feel free to contact either of us directly with any suggestions that will help us better serve your laboratory.